Preparing Clients to Succeed in Today’s Global Job Market…

Our Workforce Development Division helps our clients launch and grow successful careers by equipping them for the global job market. We believe that by empowering our clients to use 21st century strategies, skills and tools is quickest way to transition off of government programs that creates dependency and to live the life they and their family deserves.

Career Development Specialists

Career Development Specialist’s at Urban Connection play an important role as they act as intermediaries between employers, program participants and community clients. OurĀ  Workforce Development Division provides a weekly series of workshops that assist clients with breaking employment barriers and finding hidden job markets. Career Development Specialists work to build strong, ongoing relationships with employers, encouraging all to hire Urban Connection’s candidates.

We help our clients with:

  • 21st Century Skills Development

  • Resume & Cover Letter Building

  • Professional Networking Skills

  • Interview Preparation

  • Job Placement Assistance

  • Leverage Government Resources

21st Century Skills Development
Each year, thousands of participants are able to develop in-demand skills needed to needed in today’s global job market.

Program participants are able to “Earn While they Learn” the 21st century strategies, skills and tools that today’s employers want.

Urban Connection pays allĀ trainee educational expenses with the help of Hiring Partners, corporate sponsors and donors. All trainees and community clients eligible to participate can enroll in for free.

Career Development Workshops
We offer a variety of free online workshops each week to build resumes, search for jobs, practice interviewing skills, improve
computer skills, and study business communication.

Job Placement Services
Urban Connection’s Career Development Specialists work with outside employers and businesses to find and create job opportunities for our trainees and community clients.

Hire from Urban Connection
You can be among the very special group of employers that hire highly motivated men and women eager to contribute to their families and communities. Contact Urban Connection’s Workforce Development Division at for more information.