Target Audience Persona: Job Hunter Who Recently Lost their Job Due to a Lay-Off


In our ongoing commitment to understanding and serving our audience better, we’ve created a comprehensive audience persona. This persona is a detailed representation of our target audience, crafted through extensive research and data analysis. The purpose of this persona is to help us deeply understand the needs and preferences of our audience, thereby guiding our strategies to meet these needs effectively. While there are several ways to develop an audience persona, we’ve chosen a narrative format that aligns with our audience’s personal and professional journey. This format allows us to delve into the multi-faceted aspects of our audience, from their demographic details and psychographic traits to their specific needs, aspirations, and challenges.

Industry Focus

With over two decades of experience in the staffing and recruiting sector, Urban Connection is positioned at the intersection of career and personal development. Our deep insights into diverse industries enable job hunters to identify and hone skills that are in high demand, creating a clear value proposition for potential employers.

In particular, we excel in helping individuals secure high-paying jobs in the nonprofit sector. Many find immense fulfillment in roles that directly support those in need, such as organizations serving domestic violence victims, human trafficking survivors, disabled American veterans, recently released ex-felons, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

But our work doesn’t stop at securing job placements. We engage in an ongoing partnership with our clients, focusing on continuous skill development. This strategy not only enhances your value to your employer but also sets the stage for substantial pay growth. In fact, many of our clients have enjoyed annual pay increases of up to 25%, with some even achieving quarterly raises of the same percentage during their first three years.

While our expertise spans multiple industries, we place special emphasis on remote work opportunities, particularly in the fields of digital marketing, advertising, online sales, and eCommerce. We are committed to supporting your career growth at every step—from landing that initial job to securing every raise and promotion that follows.