Have you been fired or suspended?

If you were fired or suspended, your former employer has to prove that there was some sort of misconduct in connection with your position. You will receive unemployment benefits if your former employer fails to demonstrate willful misconduct on our part. An employer can successfully claim that there was misconduct if:

  1. You breached the employer’s rules
  2. You should have known about the rules either through the handbook or some other means.
  3. Your misconduct was not related to your position.
  4. Your misconduct falls within breaking a known set of rules and guidelines

You will have to prove that any of the above statements are incorrect about by stating that you never violated the rule they say that you violated, you never thought that it was something that could get you terminated, that there was another reason why your employer terminated you, that your employer never did have this policy or didn’t make you aware. You can also state that you tried your best to follow the rules but you were unable to do it.


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