Career Development Specialists

The cornerstone of Urban Connection’s Workforce Development Division is our amazing team of Career Development Specialists. All trainees at Urban Connection are immediately placed with a Career Development Specialist who helps them to create a strategic gameplan, guides their progress through each stage of the career development process and holds them accountable as they move toward a better life.

Urban Connection uses a non-linear approach to the career development process that takes into consideration of all of the individual and environmental obstacles and challenges to create a strategic gameplan that is optimized to help each trainee achieve their career goals in a fraction of the time.

We provide a 1-year Digital Advocacy incubation program that was modeled after “The Experiment” which was proven to be highly effective in preparing our clients to Launch and Grow a Successful career and to transition away from government programs that create dependency.

FOUNDATION [0–3 Months]
Trainees learn to become part of a team, develop employment skills, and accept supervision from the staff. Each trainee works to set goals, define educational and vocational objectives, develop life skills and participate in skills development training.

INCUBATION [3–6 Months]
Trainees participate in our Digital Advocacy Incubation Program to learn how to use 21st century strategies, skills and tools to help small business owners make the shift needed to survive in the global marketplace.

INTERNSHIP [6-12 Months]
Trainees are employed in one of Urban Connection’s social enterprises or at an internship, broadening their digital advocacy skills
base and work experience. Career Development Specialists work with them to become job ready.

Once our trainees are job ready, our Career Development Specialist work with each trainee to officially enter the workforce by either finding work in the hidden job market or through one of our Hiring Partners. Our Career Development Specialists don’t abandon our trainees once they land a job and continue to work with them as they advance their career in whatever field they choose.